Upcoming events!

Hello everyone! I hope you all have been enjoying chapter 3 of Princess Love  Pon as it comes closer to the end. ^^ The first part will be done in another chapter or two, I'm so excited~!

This weekend if you would like to see me in person I will be at the Black Comic Book Fest held at the Schomburg Center in Harlem! So if you live in the NYC area or near it please stop by and say hi! I'll have copies of chapter 1 in print, as well as a very tiny amount of chapter 2 that I have left, as well as prints and bookmarks and other goodies! There will also be cool panels happening and it'll all around be a fun time with lots of creators of color! For more information please see the Schomburg Center's site here~!

Thanks so much for all your support! It's been a challenging few months for me and I am so grateful for everyone that's continued to be in love with my pink-filled story. ^^ I will be updating with more news soon so stay tuned!