Lia Sagamore is your average high school student worried about the future... Until one day she's given the chance to become someone magical! Being a magical girl is better than real life... right?

Princess Love ♥ Pon is a story about love! Love for your friends, love for your partners, and love for yourself. But what happens when someone loses track of what's important? What happens when it's too hard to communicate what you really need?  Lia, as the magical girl Princess Love ♥ Pon, navigates her way through love, heals the hearts of others who have fallen into despair, and discovers what it really takes to be magical! Is the love she has inside her enough to stop The Dark Queen from devouring the hearts of innocents? Please join Lia on her adventures and find out!


Princess Love  Pon is created by Shauna J. Grant. She is a New York City native in love with all things pink and magical girl and hopes this story bring light to someone's day. You can find more of her work at her website

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